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An Innocent Man

Lincoln Carter wants nothing from the world around him. He trusts no one and shuns any attempts at friendship. Convicted while still a teenager, he has spent most of his life trapped behind metal bars. When an unexpected pardon brings him face to face with the first officer on scene, he flees into the mountains to escape Dallas’s compelling presence and the memories the man triggers.

At long last, he will get the answers he’s spent his career hunting. Dallas Schultz never believed Lincoln was guilty. When Lincoln’s family doesn’t respond, he personally delivers the pardon to the super max prison where Lincoln Carter has been incarcerated for two decades. Lincoln is not the gangly kid he remembers. Prison has hardened him. Dallas’s hopes of finally putting together the pieces of his first major case are dashed when Lincoln rejects his help and disappears into the mountains.

But, they aren’t the only players involved. The news of Lincoln’s release sparks a wave of outrage fed by the media. When someone violently opposed to the pardon takes aim at them both, they find themselves working together to solve the old case and the new threat against them before one of them ends up dead.


The Simple Truth

Falls Village. A place to be free, to be out and proud, and to live the life he’d dreamed about for himself. Brandon Martinez had everything he wanted in the palm of his hand. The new car detail/specialty shop he co-owned was starting to make money. The ocean sprawled in all of its glory only a few miles from the new condo. And best of all, he had Nick, his fiancé and business partner at his side.

Born into old money and blessed with the stunning looks of his Ojibwe ancestors, Nick Wilson embodied the definition of the perfect fiancé. Brandon could never quite believe Nick belonged to him, had proposed to him, the Latino son of an Air Force colonel.

One thing stood between them and their happily ever after. An electric moment of panic and one epic omission that could bring it all down around their ears. For their first few months in Falls Village, Brandon shoved it to the back of his mind. The shop and Nick kept him busy. But, he had to tell Nick, and soon. Nick was talking an actual wedding date and building a home in the Port Dock area of Falls Village. He was trying to give Brandon the permanency and stability he craved.

One phone call and the time Brandon thought he had, vanished. Would Falls Village continue to be Brandon’s safe haven, or would it become his new personal Hell?

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Available NOW!  Release date February 4, 2020

A lot can happen in twenty years. Things that change a person’s life for good and bad. Jordan Brooks and Trey Bright are all too familiar with change. Neither of them is thrilled about the upcoming twenty-year class reunion.


Trey had escaped the tiny town of Avery, Wyoming with a scholarship to a Big Ten school. With his God-given talent and great coaches, he’d parlayed that into every little boy's dream, a career in the professional football league. His movie-star good looks and charismatic personality scored endorsements that made him richer than he had ever imagined. But, money and fame couldn't assuage the longing for the one dream that remained unattainable.


Fate had not been as kind to Jordan. His plans for college and a career with NASA ended on an isolated country road miles from home and far from the love of his life. Pain and heartbreak stranded him in Avery, lonely and too ashamed to breach the distance and explain. Every day, he walked the halls of the high school endlessly forced to remember the boy he'd loved.


When fate brings them together at the reunion, will Jordan come clean about his past? Can Trey forgive broken promises and find the courage to come out to his team and the football league? Does true love really stand the test of time? Jordan and Trey are on a collision course to find out.

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